Under-water pelletizing machine
SJSH Parallel Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder
SJ series single screw extruder
SHJ series two-stage extruding pelletizing line
SJZ Series conical twin-screw extruder
PP PE pellet making machine
High Torque Twin Screw Extruder
SJSH Twin Screw Plastic Pelletizing Machine
Wind-cooling hot-face pelletizing machine
Water Cooling Strand Pelletizing Machine Line
Air cooling chain pelletizing machine line
Water-ring hot-cutting pelletizing machine
masterbatch production machine line
PP PE film recycled pelletizing machine
PP/PE+CaCO3 filler masterbatch pelleting macine
Auxiliary machine
parallel counter-rotating twin-screw extruder
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About Us

Shijiazhuang Dongyue Electrical Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of plastic granulation machine lines with rich experience in designing and manufacturing.Mainly productions: twin screw extruder,SJ single screw extruder and SHJ  two-stage pelletizing extruder ---vertical(horizontal) water-ring granulation line,PP PE pellet making machine,color masterbatch production line,carbon masterbatch pelletzing machine ,PVC,XLPE cable granulation machine and recycled plastic pelletizing machie ,auxiliary machine such as automatic packing machine , automatic feeding machine, vibrating screen and auxiliary machine and accessories.The machines are used widely in plastic modification-blending granulation, inorganic filling modified granulation, cable materials granulation (low smoke non-halogen, insulation, flame retardant, sheath, PE crosslinking, etc.), masterbatch granulation, copy machines carbon powder granulation etc.

Subordinate company is specialized in the production of aluminum acid ester coupling agent, titanate coupling agent, (new) complex coupling agent, mainly for the inorganic powder, super fine powder and wood powder, such as carbon black surface activation treatment.

Our products have been sold around China and exported to many countries and regions, such as Korea, Turkey, Iran, Australia, Germany, etc. "Credit from Quality, Market from Service" is our slogan. "Believing in yourselves and choosing us" is your wise decision. We will try our best to serve you and hope to become one of your friends and business partners.


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